5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2018

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2018

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Best digital marketing tips to drive revenue and grow your small business in 2018!

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Running a small business takes a lot of courage and commitment. We know it is hard work, so we want to make sure it pays off. And what else can help a business more than well crafted marketing strategy? Not anything we know of. That being said, we have made a list of digital marketing tips for small businesses to follow in 2018, because digitally advanced businesses are 3x as likely to have increased customer interest, like calls, leads and foot traffic.

1. Go Online.
It all starts with a website, a simple, functional and mobile friendly website. It doesn’t have to be too complicated and it can even be free! Google offers a free website builder for small businesses which allows you to create a free website in under 10 minutes. It’s super simple, mobile ready and includes powerful features designed to help drive more customers to your business.

2. Optimize For Conversions.
When building a website, it’s important to clearly define the goals you are trying to accomplish….

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