3 Rules and SEO Tips for Beginners to Run a Successful Google Campaign – Derek Gehl

3 Rules and SEO Tips for Beginners to Run a Successful Google Campaign – Derek Gehl

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In this episode I tell you about my three rules for running a successful Google campaign. I don’t sell any SEO services–this is all information that I’ve learned through trial and error to be true, with no strings. You need to be focusing on your keywords, on your content, and on your backlinks! But be careful–because with Google, it often is all about perceptions.

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So in this episode I am going to crack the mystery behind search engine marketing or search engine optimization or SEO or SEM. I am going to reveal some SEO optimization techniques that you can quickly apply to your website to get it to the top page of google. Not only will you learn to rank good keywords on google, but these keywords will get you targeted visitors to your site. If you want huge organic traffic that is free, get it from google – learn how to do this here. These can also be for you if you are starting out a business online because these are also SEO tips for beginners.

This round, I tell you how google has changed, how google’s algorithm has changed drastically over the recent years, so the process or ‘formula’ of we get to rank well in google has changed. So does SEO still work? How do I know for sure? I run websites that get tons of traffic every month for free from Google.

In fact like the changes because now, real people with real busineses or companies that give real valuable content will get the chance to rank in google. They do not need to think about competing with those who are gaming google. And in this episode, I share some of these SEO optimization tips or SEO optimization techniques with you. For those ‘real websites’ owners who are willing to invest the time and effort to have great valuable content and ‘do it right’, they will have the opportunity to rank well in google.

What about the huge potential of traffic you can get from Google? It is still top quality traffic that converts the best – much higher conversion rate than other traffic sources. In fact there are lots of ‘resources’, advice, course, opinions, feedback, solutions, tricks and what not about how you can rank your sites and this can be so confusing and baffling because you do not know what is real and what is not, what really works and what does not work. So I do not sell SEO services. I am just using these SEO optimization techniques for my sites and show my clients and members how it is giving me great results.

I will move on to share with you three things. The three SEO tips and tricks that I personally use that works. Results take time. It does not happen in a day. You need to do these SEO optimization techniques over time repeatedly. Remember too, that you should not depend on just one source of traffic, not even Google. You need to diversify. Use other sources as well like paid traffic. These techniques may vary depending on your niche. But this is a long term thing and effort.

My first pillar is keywords. I tell you how to pick potential keywords that you want to rank for. Do your keyword research. Keyword research will show you that the potential keywords are that have low competition and that has demand, and that will bring targeted traffic to your site. Tune in and hear me talk about how to pick the right keywords using the right tools, and how to optimize the keywords.

Another one of many SEO optimization tips is content. Put high quality and well optimized content on your site. Your content needs to offer good value and be engaging. I also tell you how using images and videos make this work. I share a great free tool with you that gives you a checklist of items you need to check off to optimize your content.

The third pillar, is backlinks. Go and get good, high authority links back to your site. Listen in to me tell you about the many ways to get good links back to your site. So to learn more about building backlinks effectively and get other SEO tips for beginners, tune in here…



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