25 Tips for creating and marketing video content for global entrepreneurs

25 Tips for creating and marketing video content for global entrepreneurs

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Josh Bois, CEO Global Good Networks and good buddy Adam discuss tips on video creation like a pro and video marketing.

Because it is Youtube live the stream cut off right before we hit 1 hour and right before Tip 25, so let that be a tip to be careful about your live stream internet connection when outdoors, especially if doing through a cellular network like I chose to. (thank you AT&T unlimited data XoXo)

This video was filmed lived, so was dependent on not getting calls/texts on my phone from investors, partners and clients…. a few did come in during filming so please excuse a few short seconds here and there when the live restarts.

Lastly on the live note, keep in mind

* Meant TubeBuddy not TubeMogul for keyword and title research. TubeMogul used to be a multi-site video uploader and syndicator plus a ton of other features available to the public now it is more focused and enterprise…. However TubeBuddy is fantastic and even has a plugin for chrome that can tell you all sorts of analytics about your favorite or competitors videos.


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