1 Min Marketing Tip: AR, VR and Pokemon Go

1 Min Marketing Tip: AR, VR and Pokemon Go

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A limited, but easy to understand, way to think about AR vs VR is:
25% Virtual + 75 % Real = Augmented Reality
75% Virtual + 25 % Real = Virtual Reality
Pokemon Go is cool in that it feels like an immersive experience but you don’t need the special equipment or headset for VR, just your smartphone. And the different modes give you augmented reality game or a virtual reality game. You are operating in the real world and the pokemon characters are the 25% overlay of digital (augmented) or you’re playing as a character who’s travelling along a real-world path. But what’s also cool about Pokemon Go is that it feels like a social network operating in real life in that people are having an individual, yet collective experience, where they are playing the game, meeting others, and sharing that experience IRL and online.

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