YouTube SEO Tips | How to Optimize Videos

YouTube SEO Tips | How to Optimize Videos

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This video will teach you all about video SEO – YouTube SEO strategies. I show you how to perform SEO for YouTube videos and rank not only on YouTube, but Google as well. YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine search and so having a strong presence on it is essential.

Video SEO is not just about stuffing keywords in the title and description. It begins with careful keyword research using the keyword research tool. Those keywords are then used in places such as the video file name, thumbnail file name, title, description, tags, video timeline, closed captions or transcripts and more. You also have to harness the power os simple strategies such as internal linking through annotations with strong descriptions serving as anchor text or the fact that you can create mini channels with playlists, each with their own title and description! You can also create and submit a video site-map just like you would for your blog. And don’t forget the SEO of your channel overall. All this and more is discussed in this tutorial.

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  • Dat To Reply

    *Fantastic tutorial!! Best video optimization video!*

    What’s also great for those who are local businesses is to also add to
    their video descriptions:

    1 *Adding a link to homepage of your biz’s site right at the beginning with
    a call to action*, so visitors can click the link to the biz without
    clicking ‘show more’ to expand the description.

    2 *Adding a 2nd link with a call to action for those who want more details
    to specific content on your site* that expands on the topic of the video
    with the video embedded on that page to get crossing of visitors of site to
    video and vice versa.

    *(Make sure that if you are embedding video on your site, that you choose
    the embed code after you uncheck the default of “Show suggested videos when
    the video finishes”, so that you don’t lead visitors off your site to a
    competitor at the finish of your video with youtube’s suggestions of
    related vids).*

    3 *Adding the business’ name, address and local phone number (NAP)* this
    doubles up as a citation that adds to that biz’s local ranking factor when
    it matches the NAP on that biz’ Google+ Local Page. The more quality
    citations, mentions and reviews a local business has the better their G+
    Local Pg will rank in local search results.

  • Ron Revia Reply

    Great video, thank you! 

  • nosheepdesigns Reply

    Thanks for a very informative tutorial. As a video producer, information
    like this that I can pass along to my clients is invaluable!

  • アニメ娘 「エイレーン」 (BitTranslate) Reply

    I guess this works.
    Because I came here through Google, it was on top of search result :)

  • Steven Hampton Reply

    Good info

  • Jonathan Heben Reply

    *Your channel is very informative! I greatly enjoy it!*

  • Seo Supplier Reply

    YouTube SEO Tips | How to Optimize Videos

  • PeeBuzz Reply

    But if this is true, why you got such a small amount of views to your
    videos? If this video was right SEO optimized it would be more popular.

  • Alizee Defan Reply

    youtube,com/keyword_tool DOES NOT EXIST! 

  • Alizee Defan Reply

    ah the YOUTUBE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL, was taken away on September 1st :(
    Google and youtube change the way they do things, like we change underwear

  • Alizee Defan Reply

    ADD CAPTIONS button is gone now

  • Celeste Zorzi Reply

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    you get on first page https ://

  • carise chandler Reply

    With the help of videos, your website can go a long way. Check out
    lexorsoft manual link building and try on how they can help you with it.

  • Mary Bartnikowski Reply

    Thank you for your video. What is the best keyword tool to use for youtube
    now that the keyword research tool has been deleted?

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