YouTube SEO Tips – How To Get Videos Ranking

YouTube SEO Tips – How To Get Videos Ranking

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In this video I go over some YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips for those interesting in learning how to get their videos ranking in both the YouTube search and in search engine results (such as Google).

I’ve also created a blog post ( that goes over the tips if you prefer reading instead of watching a video.

As you will see from watching the video my basic SEO tips are based around: keyword title, tags, video description, user likes or dislikes, comments, backlinks and embeds.

The first YouTube SEO tips is to create a title that is relevant to your video and includes the keywords or phrase you want the video to rank highly for. Next you want to use the tags to include your keywords and variations of your keywords. And while you are uploading it you want to write a useful description of your video that explains exactly what users will get out of it. The more in-depth you go the better it is for SEO purposes.

Next you want to show YouTube, Google and other search engines that your video is creating a positive experience for viewers. You can do this by getting a high amount of “likes” compared to “dislikes”, encourage lots of comments, and have people share your video. Sharing of your video can occur by a link back to your video on websites, blogs, or social media platforms, and can also include video embeds. The more people sharing your YouTube video the better chance it will rank well.

That is about it for the YouTube ranking tips I share in the video, so go ahead and watch for a better understanding. I hope you enjoy it.

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