YouTube SEO Tips For Beginners in 2017

YouTube SEO Tips For Beginners in 2017

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Here are some YouTube SEO tips for beginners starting a new channel in 2017. You need to get to 10k views before you can monetize your channel, so getting more views on your YouTube video through SEO is important.
SEO is the best way to rank your YouTube videos in search results and the best long term strategy to grow your channel in 2017. This is a great way to get more views on your youtube video and more views equals a quicker way to monetize your videos.
videos about Youtube seo tips for beginners seem to miss the how to and why we need to include certain search terms and key words in tags. without the mindset of the person searching, we will not likely include the right tags for the video.
This is an example of a youtube video description that I talk about in this youtube seo guide that is really weirdly written but uses the seo keywords within the sentences. Just have a look at the tags and see how many you can spot.

0:00 – Intro
0:55 – SEO Mindset
1:54 – Tools for YouTube SEO
4:17 – Using keywords in your video description
5:02 – SEO Case Study (Keyword Research)
10:30 – Conclusion (How I do my SEO on YouTube)

SEO Tools:

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