YouTube SEO Tips – 7 On-Page YouTube SEO tips to outrank your competitors

YouTube SEO Tips – 7 On-Page YouTube SEO tips to outrank your competitors

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For more advanced YouTube SEO tips, Go Here | This video covers some secret YouTube seo tips, so if you want to rank your YouTube videos, then watch this video!

00:20 – youtube seo tips intro
1:20 – youtube seo tips – on page optimization
2:55 – What ranks videos?
3:05 – Youtube Seo tips #1 – title optimization
3:46 – Youtube Seo tips #2- description optimization
5:06 – Youtube Seo tips #3 – tags optimization
6:34 – Youtube Seo tips #4 – annotations optimization
7:10 – Youtube Seo tips #5 – closed captions optimization
8:20 – Youtube Seo tips #6 – Adding timelines like this
9:22 – Youtube Seo tips #7 – uploading a file name = keyword
10:50 – Off page optimization – seo for youtube videos

A lot of people asking me how to do seo for youtube videos, and there are really no secret youtube seo tips and tricks, it all comes down to good on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

In this video I’m covering 7 youtube seo tips for on-page optimization and you can see how I naturally sprinkle my keyword “youtube seo tips” throughout the description.

You can use Youtube for seo better than ranking any other website because of the authority YouTube has with Google.

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    How you can rank any video on youtube? Check out my newest video with 7
    powerful youtube seo tips 

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