XOP Classic v1.2 Score Attack At Stage 1&2 – Rogue 1st Run (Audio Test)

XOP Classic v1.2 Score Attack At Stage 1&2 – Rogue 1st Run (Audio Test)

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In this video we will show you about the Classic games were the version history over the windows games by the indie development games to took over the many year has digital downloaded has the shareware on XOP were the markering with Hamumu Software and Developed with Toastsoft, Which contains has the 6 year ago for the next months were the demo version on XOP Original the classic game files has discontinued from Hamumu Software and Demo Version of the Toastsoft between where the XOP Classic has moved out the version to be v1.0 into the v1.1 and changing has Version 1.2 was back in the 2010. It is would later and founded by the Youtube Gamer and taking to look some sort of the XOP Classic what they have been games was found.

Have you seen classic games of “XOP” yet? Well… You can search and find it downloaded as there make it your own!

At the Stage 2 the boss it got me on the first and they got Double Killed in this boss stages.

Stuff on the pages:

1. XOP Classic it is released on the Christopher Emirzian Software Company

2. I played just once for the XOP Classic

3. XOP version was 1.2

4. The stage 1 has no asteroid in this appearance due to the testers has nothing released to do be version preview that go other scratch someday. The XOP Ultra Stage 1 replaced on the asteroid.

5. In Score Attack v1.2 the Award has removed of discontinued their the XOP v1.0 Award and XOP Plus ( which the requirements to another computer system to play trial version )

6. The second loops (Wave 2) has removed due to the outdated version has first loop only, XOP Ultra didn’t not loops 2 appearance to released dated.

7. On Extras menus there was an Enemies has “random enemy and random shot” which has the version was outdated and removed, In this XOP Ultra doesn’t not appearance to be replaced ever again.

8. On the Options Menu there was a no (50fps) has removed for outdated version

9. The Tutorial Screen has removed due to the version is outdated. However the XOP Ultra and XOP Black Ultra doesn’t not appearance in this Tutorial Screen.

10. There is no “licences.txt” in this folder on the Legal Agreement and Copyrighted.

You can downloaded yourself to played this XOP here:

Wanna To download link here?

Recording on DOSBOX

Try it yourself to DOSBOX approaching any the classic games and find it the download searching on the google here!


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