WordPress SEO: 3 Yoast SEO Plugin tips for WordPress websites- Videospot

WordPress SEO: 3 Yoast SEO Plugin tips for WordPress websites- Videospot

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Steal my best converting web designs template: http://bit.ly/webblueprints. SEO for WordPress is easier when you can grab Yoast SEO by the horns and wrestle it to the ground. Check these 3 tips that simplify the WordPress SEO process to get your pages and posts to rank.

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Do you know the best WordPress SEO service for your websites? Are you using the Yoast SEO Plugin? Are you a local store wondering why you need backlinks from India to rank?

Today we’re going to talk about which SEO services are best for your wordpress website. Every business is different in a lot of different ways. A chiropractor is different from a Physical Therapist but they are still competing for the same health and wellness dollars.

Therefore the same SEO approach for a PT would be ineffective for a Chiro. This matters bc most SEO companies offer a pre determined menu of services to all of there clients where the only differentiation is the keywords they are targeting.

And I know bc I used to do it! It’s a great way to run an SEO business but it’s not a great way to do SEO for business. So I’m going to cover the best SEO services for your business starting with #1

#1 A paid consultation with an account manager. Don’t expect paid results from a FREE service. If you really want your site to rank, you need to sit down with an SEO expert and cover your goals, your conversion system, and your main products, what has worked in the past, and so forth. I’ve written an extensive blog on the importance of a paid consultation and you can read that here.

During this consultation, that expert should be rolling up his sleeves and getting to know your business intimately. Usually this is a 2 hr meeting and once it’s over the SEO consultant will take that information and create a comprehensive marketing plan that is your to keep. I’m sure he’ll include pricing and info as well and give you the opportunity to see what he can really bring to the table. If after all that, you’re still being asked to order off a menu, RUN for the hills. Your about to get scammed.

#2 Content- Unless your website has massive amounts of unused pages, then your SEO plan must include new content development. This includes blogging, new web pages, video, and social media posting. This tells Google that your site is alive and active and therefore more worthy of ranking than the next site.

Now some people might consider social media posting as part of your linking strategy, for the purposed on this video I think it’s safe to catergorize as a part of your content marketing plan bc each new post is it’s own piece of content.

Getting back to your content plan. this new content should be based around your keywords and optimized using Yoast SEO or All In One SEO. Doesn’t really matter to me but I use Yoast bc it has a few extra features. Once created, you’ve got to be updating your XML site map

There is no doubt that video content is the most effective way to get engagement with your fans but if you’re not a video person you’re gonna wanna take Gary V’s advice in Crush It when he talks about doing what you’re best at. If you’re a writer, than write. If you’re a podcaster, then podcast. If youre a video guy- then video!

#3. Backlinking- now here’s where we get a little murky because there are a variety of ways to build your page rank. Especially if using SEO for WordPress. Now page rank is a numerical value that Google assigns each page in your website from 0 to 9. The more sites you have linking back to you- the higher your page rank. Those sites might mention your website in a blog, they might add you as a trusted authority, they might just host your directory listing in yelp or Manta but here’s the kicker-

The higher the page rank of the page that is linking to you, the more authority it’s going to pass on to you! So gathering a whole bunch of PR 2 and PR 3 links is going to be a waste of your time.

A professional SEO like me is going to search for PR 6,7,8 sites to link back to you and part of my job is to create relationships with high PR sites that I connect with my clients.

This is an Absolutely HUGE part of your SEO and the types of backlinking that you do is going to be the difference between getting penalized with the next Google update and having a strong website that ranks forever.

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