WIX SEO Limitations and Tips

WIX SEO Limitations and Tips

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WIX SEO Limitations and Tips

WIX is a leading free website building platform. However, the platform has been widely criticised for being SEO unfriendly:

– WIX is built on AJAX which poses a big problem
– It provides limited technical site controls
– No 301 redirection
– NO SEO-friendly blog solution
– WIX’s low-quality designs lead to poor user experience

Apart from that

– Search engines see a WIX site as a single page,
– You can’t have unique title tags and meta descriptions
– You cannot index nested pages
– No support for Google webmaster tools
– No support for Asynchronous Google Analytics

Nevertheless, many small businesses still use WIX. That’s why, we have provided seven tips to help you get the most value from your WIX website:

– Enhance images with image editor
– Personalise page titles
– Customise Google titles for your pages
– Choose your templates wisely
– Link consistently
– Make use of the WIX app market
– Optimise for mobile devices

So, even though WIX isn’t great for SEO, there are still ways of customising your site to deliver your goals. However, considering the complexity of SEO, applying these tips without the guidance of a trained web professional is risky business. Even one little mistake on your part can lead to devastating results.

Find a reputable web agency to optimise your WIX site for the best possible results.

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