Wix SEO 101 Webinar – Get Your Site Noticed!

Wix SEO 101 Webinar – Get Your Site Noticed!

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Tune in for our Wix SEO 101 webinar and:

– Learn what is SEO, why it’s important and how it works
– Get advice on choosing the right domain name
– Get tips on improving your website’s content
– Learn how to set up your website’s SEO parameters

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  • Devin de St. Germain Reply

    I really wanted to watch this one but the slides don’t match the audio..
    Its impossible to figure out whats being instructed. Just letting you all
    know =/ 

  • Artist Chic Reply

    SEO Thx

  • James Ball Reply

    me too, very annoying!

  • AlkoSpace Inc Reply

    Great introduction

  • Ralph Armistead Reply

    agreed +1. By the way I am a video marketer,and i utilize youtube to gain
    web traffic and this specific video has been very informative for me.
    thanks! you can visit my channel on youtube to learn more regarding the
    exact methods i use and benefit my web business *(how to get unlimited
    traffic, views on your videos, boost sales and much more..)*. to your

  • thoughtprovoking001 Reply

    LOL. I laughed when you said that you don’t want to click on the
    “Hyperlink” link because you don’t want to confuse your audience.

    Not syncing your slides with your voiceover was FAR MORE CONFUSING!!!!

    Seriously. Why bother with a tutorial if you can’t get the basics right.
    This was unbearable!

  • Fed Bq Reply

    Fix the audio! It doesn’t match the video and that makes it very annoying
    and impossible to follow up. 

  • Randal II Halverson Reply

    you really need to go back an tweak your video feed and audio so that they
    are synchronized. you may know what you’re talking about but you need to
    present it well or people go somewhere else… like I’m about to do. =(

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