Who is Ollie Whitfield? First video as a Digital Marketing YouTuber

Who is Ollie Whitfield? First video as a Digital Marketing YouTuber

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If you’re watching this video you’re wondering who is Ollie Whitfield, what’s going to happen to this channel and why should I be interested.

To start with, I’m Ollie Whitfield and I’m a marketer. I’ve now become a YouTuber to share my knowledge and tips for social media, content marketing and digital marketing in general.

My story is I became an Apprentice at a marketing agency, Live And Social aged 17. After one year at the company I became a permanent member of the team, now at 19 years of age I am Content & Community Manager. This means I manage our social media channels, blog and do some of the same work for clients. I also train clients, run webinars, create content and measure the success and failure of our own and clients’ efforts each month.

Aside from work, you might hear me talk about playing football or pool in my videos.

I’ve started this channel to learn, test and try. I will be sharing tips and knowledge on all things digital marketing as mentioned, by as this is my first video I can only promise that as yet.

If you have any tips for me based on your experience as a YouTuber, please leave me a comment.

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