What Makes Good Web Design?

What Makes Good Web Design?

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Christopher Merrill discussed basic web design tips for new web designers. See:


for more details


  • FROST4584 Reply

    I went to college to study web design.I graduated and I am having trouble
    creating “professional” web sites. I understand many things such as HTML,
    CSS, Flash, Photoshop, layouts, active/pass white,good navitaion etc. The
    hardest thing in my case is defining the look and feel of web sites. I
    never thought it be so hard designing a web sites, but when it comes to me
    it is. Most of my web sites look bland I’ve redone them each at least 3
    times and still am trying to make them “feel” better.

  • Retnuh1974 Reply

    Some times it is best to just surf around and see what others are doing
    that interest you.

  • bakeshopprod Reply

    Dear Christopher, I was not only impressed with the content of your video
    but also the lighting and video image. If you don’t mind sharing would
    please let me know what kind of camera you used to shoot this video clip?
    Thank you for your time. –Bryan

  • Christopher Merrill Reply

    Bryan: THANKS! It’s a JVC HD Hard Disk Camcorder, Number GZ-HD7U which I
    think I purchased a couple of years ago for $1800. Glad you enjoyed the
    videos. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other

  • Christopher Merrill Reply

    @gd05oj — actually — no.

  • anym8 Reply

    Question, not to be rude, but what experience do you have with web design?
    Just curious.

  • stopthrm Reply

    @FROST4584 Did you learn any client side programing for websites like PHP,
    ASP.Net, or Java JSP?

  • philgunman Reply

    @anym8 LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • RandomHimanClips Reply

    Thanks for the tips old man in his dandy and dusty shoes! 😀

  • Sergio Tejeda Reply

    Thank you for the information. And ignore the idiots below me they must not
    have much to do during the day than to criticize other people. But anyways
    thanks again and please keep up the help!

  • Chris Merrill Reply

    @stejeda1988 Thanks — glad you found this useful!

  • Tech4U247 Reply

    good tips thanks 😛

  • Christopher Merrill Reply

    Thanks — glad you enjoyed.

  • Chris Merrill Reply

    Glad you enjoyed — and thanks for your feedback — I appreciate it.

  • Ahmed A. Mohamed Reply

    Why did you stopped ?? I need like 2 hours video of you amazing advises,
    and more details. Forgive me but amazing 2 minutes is not enough. ^__^

  • Deborah Davison Reply

    Informative video! I ended up finding an AMAZING web design company after I
    had tried time and time again to create a professional website for my
    business. I owe all my recent success to the company New Web Design! I
    recommend them to every person who could use a little assistance with web
    design, marketing or print. I’ve had several disappointments in the web
    design world before but New Web Design definitely swayed me :-) They’re
    honest go-getters with great delivery! Good Luck! Deborah D

  • Rustem Davidson Reply

  • Rustem Davidson Reply


  • Timothy Thelen Reply

    I hope I never go bald… lmao

  • ductile12 Reply

    GOOD WEB DESIGN PRODUCES RESULTS !!! All the other talk is similar to art
    B. S.

  • Christopher Merrill Reply

    I agree.

  • Jorge Rodríguez Reply

    I’m new in making webpage, really new and inexperienced, but this video
    have make me see it with a new perspective, i’m really thankful.(I’m
    Venezuelan, and my English its really bad, sorry for that).

  • William139 Green Reply

    Valid points! Nice!

  • Goosebumps Reply

    It’s heinsenberg!


    Some good tips. Liked your video.

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