What Is Your Favorite B2B Marketing Tip?

What Is Your Favorite B2B Marketing Tip?

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3 Avenues | A B2B Content Marketing Agency

We began much like any other business – we started off small then grew into hosting a family of clients. Through years of testing and understanding the digital marketing landscape, there was always one tried and true method of B2B marketing that was genuine to its form. That method was Content Marketing.

What began with producing web copy, scripts, and storyboards eventually became a company that produces and distributes a wide array of compelling marketing content. The content we produce with our clients answer the highly anticipated questions of their specific target markets. Each of our clients have become thought leaders in their industry and we are incredibly happy they got there.


The Author
Andrew Yang, Founder + Content Strategist at 3 Avenues

Through many years of marketing, one of the greatest mysteries to me was, what exactly is the best approach to targeting B2B clients. It wasn’t as simple as advertising and offering the best prices.

I soon realized that content marketing was the most effective approach. The data proved time and time again, that premium and truthful content far surpassed the results from search engine optimization, networking, and affiliate marketing. The problem was, how do you run a full-on content marketing campaign?

That’s where 3 Avenues, the name and the philosophy, come into play. What I coined as the 3 Avenues of Marketing, which consists of:

Marketing Creatives – the compelling storytellers and design innovators
Marketing Technologists – the distributors and Marketing Technology experts
Marketing Scientists – the analysts and optimizers on every single campaign

This philosophy has proved over time that when these three individuals work together in a cyclical manner, more successful campaigns are born as you continue to make data-informed decisions.

In my spare time, I can be seen coming up with hip-hop choreographies, dancing up a storm alongside top jazz/soul bands in Toronto, Ontario and motivating homeless youth to pursue their independence.


Music: LYAR – Outta My Head (ft. Blest Jones)

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