What is Disruptive Marketing? Are You Participating? episode 182

What is Disruptive Marketing? Are You Participating? episode 182

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So, what is the definition of disruptive marketing? What does what I read actually mean that means anything goes. So, if anything goes I’m going with my thoughts   Does marketing that disrupts your thought process work yes, no. maybe? Does that mean anything goes? What works and what works better. Let’s take a look at the definition of the word disrupt and go from there and see how it is being used in marketing and is it as effective as it could be.  Or are we trying too hard and should we be looking for a better way to get our potential clients to raise their hands?  Definition of the word disrupts, to interrupt or impede the progress of mainly your thought process.  I personally believe everything works some better than others and as a business owner, we continually need to test and measure. Let’s start out here The cost of your marketing human nature says I don’t want to spend any more than I have too. First, spend is a bad word and needs to be replaced with invest in my business. Yes, ultimately, we want to get the best bang for our marketing buck and that may look different than you think. It is not always the cost of the lead that makes the transaction better. Example: Sometimes inexpensive leads will create leads to more estimates and fewer closed transactions.  Then on the other hand a higher cost for a lead brings you a more qualified client who spends more money and you make a higher profit now it takes fewer leads to close the sale. From that scenario, what lead is the more expensive lead, if you are following the thought process the cheaper lead is the more expensive lead. Are you investing your money wisely? That’s why you are always testing and measuring. Let’s look at some of the big ones that are known for disrupting 1st let’s look at television advertising not that many of us will ever use it Tv ads disrupt your thought process you are deep in thought in the program following the plot and “bamb”   a commercial comes on and hopes to grab your attention sometimes it does and most of the time it does not. if you are like me it seems like my mind goes s blank and turns back on when the show comes back on. The only time tv commercials are not disruptive is at the Super Bowl everyone looks for those commercials. but that is one time a year. Now let’s take a look at some different venues or types of marketing that a lot of people are gravitating toward in the service industry and break them down see if they disrupt your thought process, are you as a marketer spending your money where that person or company looking to do business with. You are they looking to buy now. Disruptive For the service industry let’s take the relatively new kid on the block, Face book advertising, I see a lot of people gravitating toward this medium, can it be a good marketing platform absolutely, does it disrupt your thought process absolutely.   there is a key to marketing effectively. For the most part, social media is about being social let me repeat that social media is all about being social, so how can you turn your marketing piece into something social and get people to want to socially interact with your ad. This is a key. Next week I have a guest coming on that is going to explain a different way to use Google pay per click so you can use it to your advantage and crush your competition. so, make sure your subscribed to the podcast so it gets delivered to your phone So make sure you listen o next week podcast it will certainly though provoking. We are in the process of changing some things here at the contractor’s secret weapon world. It looks exciting and I’ll keep you informed on what is going one   if you haven’t been n to our website www.contractorssecretweapon.com      Get your free 15 secret weapon strategies to getting higher paying clients.

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