What Is A Digital Marketing Career And How To Make $75K PLUS Per Year – No College Degree Necessary

What Is A Digital Marketing Career And How To Make $75K PLUS Per Year – No College Degree Necessary

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What Is A Digital Marketing Career? How To Make K Per Year

“This course is great, Seth breaks everything down you need to know about what is a digital marketing career in an easy to understand format. However, getting through the course only took me 2 weeks! I breezed through only because I was determined to do so, and I work full-time!

I think Seth gives an estimated finish time of 1 month so that even the busiest of people can expect to complete it in that time. In 2 weeks I was able to land an entry level position in SEO easily(I used LinkedIn and found the most basic entry level job).

Out of the 3 jobs I applied for 2 companies called me back within 2 days. 2/3 is definitely not bad when I only had 2 weeks of learning experience. You just gotta be hungry! Thanks Seth, for everything.” Justin Briones – Rowland Heights, CA

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“Seth’s Digital Marketing Course has completely changed what I thought I could do with my career. After graduating with an Econ major from UCI in 2015, I had no idea what I wanted to do and thought it would be a good idea to pursue Investment Banking.

After 6+ months of rigorous financial modeling/Excel training, and going through a few banking interviews, I realized the industry was just too hard to break into and was too draining of a career path. So I asked myself, What is a digital marketing career and what is all this stuff I’ve been hearing about people making good money in this field…

I found Seth’s course and immediately fell in love with Digital Marketing and learned that you could learn truly applicable skills in just 30 days.

I loved that Seth teaches you both the technical and creative side of Digital Marketing with fun videos and tutorials that are easy to follow. I completed Seth’s course within 30 days and got Google Analytics and AdWords (Search and Display) certified along the way. A ton of Seth’s material helps in the certifications exams.” Brian Bui – Orange County, CA


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