What I Jerry Banfield Do and Why I Do It Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Consultant

What I Jerry Banfield Do and Why I Do It Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Consultant

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Why do I, Jerry Banfield, do what I do? I work so that there is more happiness in the world and so that more people can enjoy more love, hope, and faith in their daily lives. Read more at http://jerrybanfield.com/.

I know why I work and what I do will always adapt to match that. This makes describing what I do challenging. The short answer is that I am a consultant offering some of the best advice you can get in the world about digital marketing and online advertising. The difficulty I have is explaining what I do further is deciding whether I am what I have done, what I am doing, or what I want to do?

What do I hope you can get out of reading this?

I hope in seeing how what I have do has evolved, you can get a sense of how challenging it is to get started and be successful online. I hope what I share about how I got to where I am today is helpful for you in seeing what you can do best today to get where you want to go and to see that the journey is all that matters!

For being thirty years old, I feel like I have done a lot in the past.

I went to more than twenty years of school and earned my bachelor’s degree at USC in South Carolina and my masters at USF in Tampa. I was a graduate assistant, police officer, corrections officer, census crew leader, cashier, federal court intern, military base intern, resident adviser, orientation leader, neighborhood watch, door to door salesman, and medical billing specialist. All of these happened before I started my own business online and I only got through it because I had two parents that loved me and helped me through everything difficult.

When I first created my own business and website online in October 2011, you could barely find me in search results for my name. I had no previous experience working online outside of playing a lot of video games. It turns out this is much more helpful than I would have figured! My first website was gamingaddiction.net for people that need help and discussion on video game addiction. Since I struggled with this personally, I wanted to make a good resource for other people in need of the same help. Quickly I became frustrated with the website’s inability to make any money. I tried everything from selling t shirts to offering unofficial counseling sessions to charging for access to video game addiction video playlists.

Not surprisingly, everything seemed to cost me money but nothing made much back. I thought maybe if I went deeper into trying to sell t shirts that I would have a better chance to make some money. I jumped on the Stop Kony bandwagon and a few others and managed to make a few hundred dollars after spending a few thousand plus a bunch of time. Not the ideal ROI.

After listening to a local business owner talk about how he know a guy paying over ,000 per month for terrible SEO work, I was inspired to start looking for ways to help local businesses succeed online. I started off by offering to do everything while knowing how to do nothing. At the same time, Facebook had just launched a new pages feature that was a cool combination of a group and more of a personal profile page. Like everyone else trying to use the feature, I was really frustrated with my own inability to get likes for my page.

In realizing people needed help with the same kinds of challenges I was facing, I thought to offer help with Facebook page likes since this seemed to be the one breakthrough area I by luck had learned how to do.

Read the rest at http://jerrybanfield.com/what-does-jerry-banfield-do/. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://jerry.tips/ytsubcription


  • Jerry Banfield Reply

    What I do as a #digital #marketing #consultant and why I do it!

  • Charles Franklin Reply

    I really liked the background story behind becoming a digital consultant.
    My story was very familiar. I appreciate that you took the time to explain
    the ups and down in the career, as well as the persistence and adaptability
    it takes to survive.

  • BanWork LLC Reply

    I know why I work and what I do will always adapt to match that. This makes
    describing what I do challenging. http://ow.ly/C7vPd

  • Dennis Kaping Reply

    Wow Jerry. Powerful message. Thanks again!

  • Dennis Kaping Reply

    A true pioneer in this space! 

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