What Business Should I Start? BreakingOutCoaching.com

What Business Should I Start? BreakingOutCoaching.com

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What Business Should I Start – by Kevin Wells from BreakingOut Coaching.

I often get asked the question by people who want to quit their non-fulfilling corporate nine to five job “What Business Should I Start?”.

So in this podcast I talk about how you can best find the right answer to this question.


What’s Your Purpose
What do you want to do and why?
It’s about… who, what, why, and how
Start with your LIFESTYLE
Beware of “PASSION”!
Follow the MARKET
Consider the Practicalities!
Types of Business
Beware of “Make Money Online”
Put effort into your business
Beware of Partners
Add Value
Find Your Mentor
A coach can also help

Running time: 27:32 mins

Kevin Wells is a digital marketer, IT consultant, life coach, author & podcaster.

Kevin has written three books:

The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery
The BreakingOut Guide To How To Move To Berlin
The BreakingOut Guide To Internet Marketing Training

For more info visit my website at: http://www.BreakingOutCoaching.com

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