Welcome to Digital Marketing Today

Welcome to Digital Marketing Today

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Hope you’re ready, It’s Digital Marketing Today!
What is this all about? We’re here to:
Keep you up to date on all of the latest digital marketing trends,
offer up tips on the best digital marketing practices,
Take a look at the FUN side of digital marketing,
And direct you to where you can get sound advice to make the most of this powerful form of marketing.
Why is Digital Marketing quickly becoming the Go To marketing in today’s business world? Well according to Branding Bricks – The average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media combined! Other media (newspapers, magazines, radio, yellow pages.) Is there anybody who still let their fingers do the walking? The CMO Survey is predicted that Spending on digital marketing will grow by 12% in the next year, while budgets for traditional (non-Internet) advertising will fall 2%., and Business2Community is forecasting that Digital marketing spend will account for 35% of total marketing budgets in 2016.
Ok, so why watch Digital Marketing Today? What are the benefits? WIIIFY? What is in it for you? At, Digital Marketing Today we are going to focus on the three pillars of Video Centric On-line Digital Marketing: Online Strategy, Content Production and what we call a M4 Digital Marketing Support System. DMT is going to help you make less mistakes as you take more opportunities to increase and monetize your digital footprint.
Did you know that according to Hubspot one third of all on-line activity is spent watching videos, that 90% of those online say product videos are helpful in their decision making process and that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. We at DMT know that Digital Marketing with video is powerful and we are going to focus on that so you can make the most of your digital marketing.
DMT can only share so much in these episodes and sometimes it is BETTER, and less intimidating to get professional assistance in the ever growing and evolving world of digital marketing. And if you ever begin to feel that way, you are more than welcome to contact us at SyncLab Media. We are here to help.
Links are listed below on how you can get in touch with me, learn more about all the great ways SyncLab Media can help you reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time using video-centric digital marketing.
Until next time… I’m Dean Lindsay, thanks for watching Digital Marketing Today.

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