Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 140 Replay

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 140 Replay

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0:00 Intro & announcements

New to SM? Check out the Battleplan SEO Bluepint: https://battleplan.semanticmastery.com/special

Have questions or need to find something – start here: http://support.semanticmastery.com/

September live meetup in Portland, Oregon – more details to come

RYS update is coming…price is going up, but keep your eyes & ears open

8:00 Just got the battleplan & loved it. What mix of services would you approach small businesses within today? I’m calling the roofing companies in Home advisor, I show them the long term benefits of SEO. I’m doing okay with four clients right now but retention becomes a problem. What marketing mix which will make sense from THEIR shoes

13:00 Having problems getting new applets to run to my RSS feed. Applet checked & RSS feed checked but when I post on my wordpress blog it doesn’t trigger.

15:00 I ranked a money site with a simple silo structure. I triggered an overoptimization penalty with my blog posts & with Hernans advice I did a press release about a week ago for anchor text dilution. How long should I wait before adding more content to my silo?

20:00 Picked up The Battleplan on day one & got some pretty good stuff out of it

1) What’s going on with ChimpFeedr? Went in for the first time in a couple of months & got an error message every time stating the URLs are all invalid. Tried many different feeds, no luck

2) During one of the advanced webby’s, regarding RVR Pro & other webinars, you mentioned we could boost our more “stubborn, more competitive videos” by adding that specific video URL or a shortened version of it into 30 or so other video descriptions which I clearly understand. Is it OK to do this on the same channel that the stubborn video’s on, OR should the “satellite” videos be on a separate channel not associated with our main account for best results?

25:00 If I use a virtual machine on the Google Cloud Platform to create personas accounts do you think that there will be footprint issues?

28:00 I’ve been using SERPspace, IFTTT ring, content marketing heavily to improve a new website’s search profile. Such that as of today, it’s Domain authoriity is only a 3, & its page authority is 19. On previous Semantic Mastery training, this could be a problem. What would you suggest today?

34:00 I’ve been setting up a simple silo structure, & I’m about to set up the redirects. One of my silos is about home selling, the page & category are called “sellers.” But the URL for the Seller page is domain.com/sell-your-home, not domain.com/sellers. Can I setup the redirect?

36:00 On the same site, my client is asking about a resources page, which would mostly be links to companies that home buyers are recommended to call for things like property maintenance, home cleaning, insurance, etc. Is it a good idea?

38:00 I recently ordered a Drive Stack, it was finished at the end of June. I also ordered a Press Release, currently indexing. However, in the ~2 weeks since the stack was done, I’m still dancing in the SERPS for my main keyword. I slowly rise, I hang out in Page 2 for a while, then suddenly down to Page 3. Am I senselessly driving myself crazy by watching SERPS?

41:00 Have you tried curating videos like you do content where you take two different sources & mash them together with a quick intro & outro & citing the sources in either the video, description?

44:00 Has anyone found a new solution for phone verifying accounts for syndication rings? We had a Verizon plan where we could pay as little as a month & change numbers as often as necessary. I let it go over 90 days without paying & now that plan isn’t available. The only plan is to pay per month, still hoping for another option. I’ve checked with one other carrier but their phones have SIM cards, so you have to pay for a new SIM card each time you want to change phone numbers

You mentioned being able to purchase phone verified accounts but I wasn’t able to find where it was discussed. I checked on Fiverr & didn’t come up with much there

46:00 WordPress as of an update 2 months ago now adds noopener & noreferrer to no follow links

What’s your insight & does this affect anything?

50:00 Talk about the landing page you suggest for adwords pay per call? I have heard it’s only necessary to run the ad but beyond that serves no purpose. Is it true that you emphasize a more elaborate landing page?

53:00 When would you recommend implementing JSON-LD markup via GTM on a page vs. using microdata?

56:00 Do you think using crowd search to click through your backlinks is a good use of resources?

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