Website Design Tips & Tricks

Website Design Tips & Tricks

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In this video I will share with you 3 vital tips to professional and stylish website desing and development in HTML.

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  • Faith Connors Reply

    Awesome video i like all your videos.

  • tencruise Reply

    I know Application programs such as dreamweaver or frontpage or watever.But
    the basic concepts are not applied through notepad cuz people becomes so
    sluggish.efficiency of simple html codes are easy to handle and no burden
    of confusion and complex codes.

  • TehGom Reply

    CSS with Notepad = Fail. CSS with Dreamweaver = Win. Most people don’t have

  • Wanda248 Reply

    Always good to be reminded of the basics. thank you. And what a gorgeous
    accent! a pleasure to listen to.

  • melted cheetah Reply

    N/S Sherlock!

  • diamongem Reply

    Good Video outlining some of the more important basic reminders of what
    should be included in your site.

  • ravendraw Reply

    thanks it really helps :-) i hope you make more tips!!

  • danger59007 Reply

    theft by deception…………..they stole money from me and others

  • dtunteja Reply

    thanks again Ed 😉

  • lolokingfu Reply

    thanks, you give me a new idea,but give more samples

  • Carrot Reply

    you dont deserve my view =)


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  • WalibiTV Reply

    Sorry i say this but u and ur videos dont work and r really gay.

  • bornblond9gb Reply

    Great video…thanks for sharing!

  • austintxlivemusic Reply

    A lot of youtubers should take your tips seriously. I can’t read the text
    on a lot of them and just leave. When polled 80% of net surfers prefer
    black text and white background. Just like the newspaper, magazines etc..,.
    and so do I. But on the other hand I can see where music , art, computer
    graphics and others would want to get a bit fancy with their design.

  • Seth Fenby Reply

    Simple and to the point. I like it.

  • Airickk2021 Reply

    having it on HD is pretty …not the same if you dont use an HD camera . .

  • TopSeattleSEO Reply

    Thank you very much for this tips and tricks about web design, It will
    definitely help for my SEO and Web designing company :)

  • ImModing Reply

    Please. Someone with some design sense talk about something which can be
    actually classed as advice.

  • Attackon Titan Reply

    you r just awesome

  • Prager Microsystems, Inc. Reply

    Good tips!

  • Alisa Rozzy Reply

    I read all the points and found very informative web design tips and tricks
    that will help to all those are considering a site redesign, or planning to
    launch a new site. I am also going to apply few missing point for my
    company website that deal with custom website design and
    development services.

  • MinecraftSuperhero Reply

    Plz sir, i wanted to know that, do you have a pro wesite of ur own

  • Daniel Archer Reply

    Thanks for the Tips.

  • Outsourcing Application Development Reply

    Thanks for sharing these tips, aspiring web developers appreciate your

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