Website Design Tips: The Standard Website Layout

Website Design Tips: The Standard Website Layout

Posted by on / 25 Comments – Website Design Tips: The Standard Website Layout – In this video, I talk about the standard layout that can be used for every website.


  • skenderbeuuu Reply

    Very good website layouts, and pretty good designs, too. Unlike some other.

  • mattsaundersblog Reply

    Excellent video Mike

  • Billy Haynes Reply

    I swear I never stop thinking, even when I’m sleeping, i’ll keep an eye
    out. :) Got another question though. The navigation on left or right,
    what’s the real reason for that if there’s a navigation in the header? Or
    do you mean like a menu of other stuff?

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Totally know what you mean
    with the “images” sticking out the billboard. You touch on something that’s
    really important. Because when you have items sticking out the billboad (as
    in breaking out the containers) it creates a much better visual “Wow
    factor”. The way you do this is if you mock-up your site with items
    breaking out of the billboard, you have to make your billboard apart of a
    large background image for your site. Then position tables on top

  • Bunta Bloggen Reply

    @mlwebco Oh yes, I can now see that everything on your billboard/header
    except the logo/buttons/text is a background. Thank you very much for your
    reply and keep up with the vids! :)

  • PurBakVideo2 Reply

    Thanks a lot. Your presentation is just as clean as your websites. Good
    examples and good information. Maybe it would be nice if you could give
    more technical info like how many pixels each part has to be for a standard
    screen. Is it like 950 width?

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Hi Jimmy, There is really no standard size as I’ve seen many different
    sizes for the various sections. For instance, Apple has a HUGE billboard
    section while most people have a smaller billboard section height wise. As
    long as the “Call to Action” or important stuff sits above the fold (that’s
    anywhere within 550px in height) you should be ok. 😉

  • sharmark Reply

    Dude…. I just spent the last hour or so devouring the content you’re
    sharing and I’ve got to say that you’re an OUTSTANDING instructor. Thanks
    so much for your uploads. I’ve subscribed and will be following up with
    questions and feedback shortly. Congrats also on your success (SR. User
    experience designer @ Yahoo?! that’s pretty epic). Cheers,

  • 2Sixes Reply

    Very, very useful. I’ve been learning tags and stylesheets and goodness
    knows what else but have no idea how to put it together as a web page. This
    8-minute clip now has my head buzzing with ideas. Thank you for uploading

  • cuponeshostgator Reply


  • Marcelo Custódio Reply

    Congratulations! You deserve it !

  • S.2018 Reply

    billboards whats the easiest way for client to update billboard alot
    without using me to update it

  • MOSES199 Reply

    does the same rule apply for social network sites?

  • Raafath Ubaid Reply

    I should have awarded you NOBLE PRIZE

  • DC Mobile Ads Reply

    Great video and excellent visual flow. I’m in the sign business and I
    really can appreciate the “billboard” theory of putting a site together as
    I’ve created a lot of billboards with the emphasis on simplicity, a call to
    action and an easy left to right read, I do a few websites here and there
    for my own business and a little side money, thanks for helping me to break
    out of the traditional late 90’s styling and embrace what I already knew
    worked for signs. Thanks much man!

  • kevin favourite Reply

    Hi Michael, I just watched “The standard website layout”, and can NOT fully
    explain my appreciation for the way you have been able to present such
    clear and easy-to-follow instructions. This is the first of your videos
    I’ve ever watched, but I know you’re the real-deal. You’ve just gotten
    another follower. Am happy I didn’t take longer to find you. Thanks a
    million, for what you do!

  • Friedrich Salzmann Reply

    For me, this was the most helpful web design video. Thanks a lot!

  • Sara Fahim Reply

    love u ,

  • Soundfx4 Reply

    Additional generic positive reinforcement comment! 😛 Seriously though,
    thanks for the videos, they’re infinitely helpful 😀

  • Arely10R Reply

    does anybody know what is suppose to put in the footer? on my website says
    “footer code and header code” what am i suppose to put on those areas? is
    it important?

  • Ben Collins Reply

    ooo got lots of inspiration to improve my rubbish layouts, cheers mate! :D

  • Nigel John Webb Reply

    Thanks. Just what I was looking for!

  • John Kapetan Reply

    great info. thanks. invaluable. gives us a concrete starting point for

  • Digital Conversion System Reply

    that’s absolutely helpful! thanks for the tips.
    We also have some helpful items with regards to web dev/design @..
    digitalconversionsystems. com

  • Virtus Musemakweli Reply

    Thanks a lot. After 5 years. Don’t you have other layout that are
    appropriate for the current times?

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