Web Design Tips

Web Design Tips

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Chicago web designer Christopher Merrill describes the do’s and don’ts of good web design.



  • Nick Lewis Reply

    You just summed up what I’ve learned through 6 years of painful mistakes in
    2 minutes. I hope you do more of these. The “in your face” urgency of the
    delivery does keep ones attention. But its the potent, weapons grade
    content you’re delivering that makes me reiterate once again: do more of

  • Christopher Merrill Reply

    Thanks so much — I do plan to do more of these.

  • waypastthat Reply

    thanks, great video!

  • Christopher Merrill Reply

    Thanks so much!

  • viqifrench Reply

    I like your message. I’ve just redesigned my site and *think* I
    accomplished most of your advice. Nice video – short and to the point.

  • Chris Merrill Reply

    @viqifrench Glad to be of help — thanks! Chris Merrill

  • Debayne Web Design Reply

    Tuesday Tip: Web Design Tips http://ow.ly/qLYDL

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