Web Design Tips – How To Get Free Vector Art

Web Design Tips – How To Get Free Vector Art

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This video takes you to a website that I personally like to use to get free vectorized artwork. Download them, customize them, make them yours. I moved my website to http://webdizeo.com


  • BBlair777 Reply

    thank you so much .but one question could i use these for my clothing

  • sam rodriguez Reply

    hi do u no how can i get vector art for coreldrawx4. for free

  • Kevin Booth Reply

    do you know of any graffiti letter vectors? I use cinema 4d and i need some
    graffiti letters vectored to make 3d

  • lordnecro82 Reply

    mexicano d mierda no ahy nada en esa pagina inmunda q muestras

  • lordnecro82 Reply

    dirty mexican

  • sikkid74 Reply

    @kdbooth97 all you need for 4d is fonts homie!

  • David Wood Reply


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