Web Design Tips and Tricks Eps.2 | BryatchDesigns

Web Design Tips and Tricks Eps.2 | BryatchDesigns

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Hope this helps! 😀 Like/coment
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  • MaxsCorporation Reply

    Awesome thanks, Did you buy your editor and is it Photoshop Cs5 ?

  • BryannaFTW Reply

    @MaxsCorporation np glad it helped. And yea its cs5 extended

  • ThatBiegeKid Reply

    1. You Have a very soothing voice and 2. your good at explaining things 😀

  • BryannaFTW Reply

    @ThatBiegeKid lol thnx

  • TheLoneArts Reply

    Theres a lot easier way to do this bry, you can just type the word a lot
    copy past and then rasterize it, its a lot quicker, but idk if youd get the
    interlaced effect

  • BryannaFTW Reply

    @TheLoneArts i find this more efficient

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