Web Design Portfolio Do’s and Dont’s

Web Design Portfolio Do’s and Dont’s

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I provide some portfolio tips and advice.

Podcast: “Your Portfolio is Your Golden Ticket” – http://www.mlwebco.com/2013/03/07/your-portfolio-golden-ticket/


  • Rusty3197 Reply

    Thanks Mike quite helpful.

  • Pradeep Kumar Reply

    Thank you Mike for this great video..

  • t3true Reply

    I’m ready to become a UI / UX designer, do you do personal mentorship ?
    Thank for the videos …

  • Tabish Tabby Reply

    Hello Michael…!!! I recently subscribed to your youtube channel because i
    really love the questions you put out, your questions not only cover the
    big picture but also how to get there using your own uniqueness and also
    taking inspiration. I have a question It would be really helpful if you
    could answer it. ‘How to secure my work which i put up on my website as in
    how to make sure someone else doesn’t steal it and clam it to be theirs?
    should i show my second best work ?

  • Jesus Bejarano Reply

    UX tutorial is for best, Photoshop is not a great tool for designing.

  • dportis47 Reply

    Thanks Mike.

  • av1les5 Reply

    Truly, Words of Wisdom

  • Borut Udovič Reply

    Thank you, you really helped me allot.

  • mnj331 Reply

    I am not very good with HTML and CSS code, but am better with Dreamweaver
    and Muse. In Muse you don’t need to know any coding at all. In other words,
    I’m more interested in the design aspect of websites and I wanted to get
    your opinion on if I would be able to freelance by only web design rather
    than development? And I was wondering if I would have a chance of getting
    hired anywhere if I don’t know code well but have a good eye for design and
    am good with Dreamweaver and Muse? Please reply!

  • Jason Causey Reply

    Mnj331 of course u can land a job if u have good design skills. A web
    designer can design nice looking images and content for companies just like
    the developer codes backend. If u can handle dreamweaver and photoshop with
    good design skills then ur game! I am a web designer but am not that
    creative so I am more of the coder instead of the actual designer itself.
    If you can design the content, I can code the site, then we can make money
    does that make sense?.

  • Nakko Nas Reply

    Great videos in your channel…… i am newbie to to the world of web
    designing, i started off with html5 and css and currently learning it, once
    done with it should i go for adobe fireworks and then dreamweaver, please
    advise.. thanks a lot

  • Bmack95 Reply

    Awesome videos im just 17 years old and i want to learn web design through
    your program before i go to college , what would i need before i purchase
    your program? Dreamweaver, Fireworks? And please get back that would mean
    alot and also if i wanted to start out being a free lancer how would i
    start getting clients?

  • greysonthecat Reply

    Every job interview I have had, they go over the coding with me first and

  • Eric P Reply

    I def have to update my portfolio now

  • Serouj Baghdassarian Reply

    everything you talk about i have experienced it in my 10+ years website
    designer freelancing adventure! 

  • cook2030 Reply


  • Mike Thomas Reply

    thanks Mike, I got a lot from this!

  • Mark Hallam Reply

    How many pieces (sites) should you have minimum on your porfolio?

  • DESIGNATION Labs Reply

    Great advice, Mike!

  • tri blues Reply

    Thanks Mike!

  • inc2000glw Reply

    Don’t use some sensitive info

  • Smithy Smith Reply

    i’m just about to change my career to go into web development. This
    information has been taken on board, thanks you for the advice.

  • ArielLVT Reply

    This makes me feel so much better!

    I haven’t had the chance yet to build my portfolio because I’ve accepted
    one freelance project after another! I’m on the opposite end of the
    spectrum! I have projects but no portfolio yet.

  • dfauxoblivious Reply

    WOW! these tips are amazing. This one really opened my eyes and my mind.
    Your pointers are great. Personally, I can code no problem. So creating a
    portfolio “site” is no big deal to me. However, I don’t have the content. I
    probably have 4 out of 20 pieces that I can show and that is not a lot. I
    will follow this tips to a T. Thanks Mike.

  • Phoenix Villegas Reply

    someone like me is a newbie. With very little experience, would it ok to
    put in a portfolio mock websites, or mock product designs/ graphic design
    pix, Etc… just to show my experience.

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