Web Design Pet Peeves: tips for a better DIY website design

Web Design Pet Peeves: tips for a better DIY website design

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Some thoughts about web fonts, web typography, what to avoid and why! Subscribe for next week’s video: http://goo.gl/4oPFcZ

BY THE WAY! I’m currently booking for August: http://kinkeaddesigns.com/

Cool, free type tools:
Typecast: http://typecast.com/fonts/google
Kerning game: http://type.method.ac/

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  • Becky Kinkead Reply

    New Video: Web Design Pet Peeves! :P

  • Monica Bachvarova Reply

    I used to be the girl who uses small sized text all over the place. 😀 And
    I feel guilty of it. But no more!

  • Yoneco Evans Reply

    Lobster font drives me crazy! I’m not a designer, but I’ve spent forever
    trying to find the right font for my site and I’m so tired of seeing

  • Steve Potgieter Reply

    Lol center text drives me crazy too.

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