Web Design Interview tips, questions & advice

Web Design Interview tips, questions & advice

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In this week’s video blog, Nick and I share our tips and advice for web design interviews. In the video we also cover some of the common questions that you can expect to be asked. Check out the supporting blog at http://www.webdesigncreare.co.uk/blog/videos/interviews.html


  • numra25 Reply

    This would have been helpful yesterday, when I had an interview lol

  • louie540x Reply

    I have an interview this coming tuesday. This helps a lot.

  • Ranjeet Gill Reply

    Thanks for your tips. It will help me and other people also.

  • Ezwan Abid Reply

    Thank you for the tips guys ! It really help me.. I have an interview for
    about less than 1 hour from now ..for the position of Web Programmer.. and
    it’s really a good tips ! Thank you so much !

  • Templates at Just Simply Reply

    This will surely help a lot of viewers. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • Anil Aldtg Reply

    Thank you.

  • Kimberly Cruz Reply

    I just conducted an interview today. The applicant didn’t bring her
    portfolio. Faint!
    She also had limited knowledge about our company, to think that we was
    interviewed twice already before me.

    If I may add, another good tip is to ASK QUESTIONSeven during the
    interview. If given a practical test / assessment test on your design
    skills, it is best to understand the instructions before starting. My
    applicant a while ago just got right into it, then delivered something
    totally different from what we expected. 

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