Web Design Career Advice, Tips and Motivation

Web Design Career Advice, Tips and Motivation

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I share some advice on going about landing that first job. You just wanna get your foot in the door, then work your way up.


  • rjcream Reply

    this is great advice – get a job within a company in any position in order
    to break into a design position

  • DarkAngelGames Reply

    I tried that. No Success. After I quit that job companys came to me with
    work. So I did it in opposit order :) Your advice is good, but they should
    not loose too much time if it doesn’t work. Otherwise they will get stuck
    in a bad job.

  • MegF Reply

    Be interested in a video topic: What do you think about the very
    inexpensive website building subsidized by Google and Intuit to get
    businesses on-line that is being supported by various states. For example,
    California Get Your Business Online. How can web developers compete with
    this? Or should that be a concern?

  • Alex Molett Reply

    hey michael, I have one year left in my digital art & design program and I
    was wondering how hard it is to find work once you’re out of school. Free
    lancing seems alright but I would feel a lot better if I had a secure
    position in a company or firm. I’m actually kind of scared that I wont be
    able to find enough work to even pay rent :s

  • Mike Locke Reply

    @shock196411 You will find work. Web UI/UX Design is always in high demand.
    But you may not have the experience right away, so you might want to look
    into landing some internships to start building relationships with people.
    That should be your approach if you can’t find full-time work right away.
    The jobs are there, but you first might have to work at a lower level first
    to build your experience, then move up. That’s the approach you should look
    into. Also, always freelance during this process.

  • Mike Locke Reply

    @MegF142857 I actually created a video on this topic a while back titled
    “Are Freelance Web Designers Still Valuable?” …just do a search in
    youtube to find that video. I talk about why you don’t have to worry about
    those cheap services. People still need freelance designers. People still
    like a live person to talk to and help them with their sites, so yes there
    is still value in freelance designers even though these cheap services
    still exist. Check out that video.

  • Mike Locke Reply

    @MrSuperj1one I would say any course that focuses on design will help you.
    Depends on which college and which courses you can choose from. But any
    design centered course that focuses on visual design, UI design or UX
    design will be of much value to you.

  • MegF Reply

    @mlwebco Thanks! I’ll go check that out.

  • freedom08 Reply

    Hey Mike, currently getting digital media degree, would it be better for my
    career to get a Masters Computer Science for career as a web developer
    straight out of college or experience then Masters? I’ve looked into dream
    job like @ Google and they require a Masters in Computer Science. What do
    you think? Experience over Education or Education over Experience?

  • PhilMagicman Reply

    Hey Michael, thanks for posting these videos.. I am just starting out and
    am having trouble in finding a product that takes me through the stages
    from low to hi-fidelity wire-frames and eventually coding.. Do you have any
    suggestions? This is not necessarily a product to get you started but
    rather one from which i can consider all required aspects upto the final

  • CJ Franks Reply

    What do you mean by “the job market seems a little choked right now”?

  • RaiSakela Reply

    Hi I’m college student majoring in New Media Technology. I’m going to
    transfer to four year college soon and I decided to change my major at the
    same time, but I don’t know what to choose. I want something that is
    related to web designing and administration. Please let me know if you have
    any suggestions. thanks I live in New York. I would happy if you tell which
    college provide that major.

  • AndyWithChicken Reply

    Hi there Michael, great advice. I’m quite interested in the web designing
    aspects on things for a career. Seeing how I’m only 19, I haven’t really
    had much experience in these aspects. I enjoy designing my YouTube
    Channel/Twitter and Photoshopping in general. I am planning to start a
    course in Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology –
    Multimedia/ Web. Do you think this is the right path for web designing like
    I mentioned? Thanks

  • Wilfredo Galdamez Reply

    Hey Mike, you’re a senior UX Designer. I want to be in your position one
    day. Now let’s grab lunch!

  • Bader Rj Reply

    you’re the best

  • Ali Naqqash Anjum Reply

    plz tell me about web desingning and procedure of this


    Hey Mike, in job adverts for web developers they always say you need to
    know about 10 different languages. I would really like to specialise in
    PHP, would this be possible to do this without knowing loads of others?
    Thanks, Luke.

  • redph0nix Reply

    My school doesnt have a major in web design but if i wanted to be a web
    designer could i major in graphic designer

  • Ali Rahman Reply

    people like you are amazing and deserve everything you have.

  • R goldy Reply

    hello just coruous where will a 2 year degree in web desighn at a tech
    school get you? is it worth it?

  • Stranger Than Fiction Reply

    Mike what do you mean by incliuding workflows? Does that mean just say “I
    use the agile or waterfall” workflow approach?
    idea->Analysis->Design->Dev->Test? Or are there specifics I should include?

  • Alex Saing Reply

    If you work at yahoo, can you explain to us what exactly do you do there?
    Do you adjust the yahoo website? 

  • Philippines Web Outsourcing Reply

    Wow Mike! You’re really amazing and brilliant! It’s indeed a fact that
    landing into your dream job requires a lot of value of effort and hardwork.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring real world experience with web design. 

  • Design Web Identity with Wade McMaster Reply

    Considering becoming a Freelance Web Designer? Here’s some Web Design
    Career Advice, Tips and Motivation

  • Natalie D. Reply

    Awesome advice on getting any job you can at the company you want to work
    for, and moving up afterwards. 

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