Web Design Advice on Copying Websites (for Practice)

Web Design Advice on Copying Websites (for Practice)

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I share some tips and advice on what to focus on when copying websites for your practice exercise. Helping you grow your Web Visual Design skills.


  • Mike Locke Reply

  • Dreighen Reply


  • Dreighen Reply

    Great info as always Mike!

  • Kris Jolls Reply

  • James Herd Reply

    Cheers for another video Mike, I’ve been studying web design/dev for the
    past year and have taken much inspiration and motivation from you over the
    months, so just wanted to say thank you!

  • Adam Skovran Reply

    One question Mike! What does webdesign actually mean? I applied for a job a
    couple of month ago the job was for a web designer, and I got an interview
    with the company. I was shocked when the interviewer started asking me
    about HTML5, since I’m not a programmer only a designer. In some places
    webdesign skills doesn’t include coding in some places it includes them,
    which one is right?

  • Beni Agic Reply

    Good video as always ;)

  • Valberta G Reply

    Funny you made this video. Currently in the process of redesigning sites
    through my vision, before and after, all for practice. Great tops! ✌️

  • wildfirelink Reply

    Fantastic video Mike! This is something I needed to hear and it definitely
    came at the right time. Clarity on steps to take next for a big task is
    something I generally struggle with, and for a while I’ve been looking to
    figure out a way to hone my web design skills on the side to keep up with
    new trends, but this advice really hits the nail on the head with clear
    steps of what to do next. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dan Fernando Reply

    Thank you Mike! Another great video that we all web designer can 100%
    relate to.

  • dportis47 Reply

    Great video my brother. 

  • Jim vh Reply

    great thoughts, thank you Mike

  • snake mix Reply


  • Ryan Murphy Reply

    I think you have some great stuff, Mike. Been following your videos for a
    while. I would also love to see an ongoing mentorship program, say with
    monthly webinars to see live examples and advice given, as well as ongoing
    email support. Otherwise, I look forward to more videos when they come
    out… :) 

  • Masster Gunnz Reply

    I totally dig this and understand your point. Good stuff, thanks!

  • josh hicks Reply

    When you say copy the website, do you mean in html/css or in Photoshop or

  • Jj Melody Reply

    Mike locke… I like 

  • gsadler82 Reply

    Hey Mike, really like your videos! Wish you did them more often. :)

  • verbindungsfehler Reply

    thx 4 the ‘nugget’ . subscribed

  • Yoansky Pire Hernandez Reply

    the best dimension, is using the full width with the grid of 960px (12grid
    of 80px) i have been used and is very simple to understand

  • Aman Deep Reply

    great video thanks..

  • DanielVariacion Reply

    I’m doing copying web pages practicing html 

  • Ronald Johnson Reply

    Mike, great tutorial as usual. You mentioned that if we are copying a
    website for practice we should try to get pixel spacing and dimension as
    close as possible to the original. Do we use a tool like firebug to
    determine spacing and pixel of the original?. 

  • silva rights Reply

    Do you know what you are saying? Outdated stuff man. This aint the 90s

  • Cezara Nitu Reply

    Great video, Mike!

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