Web Design Advice for the New Year (2014)

Web Design Advice for the New Year (2014)

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I share with you my top three tips for the new year. Just a few things to think about. And lastly, wishing everyone blessed and prosperous 2014!


  • Brian Hermelijn Reply

    Thanks for sharing this video, michael. Really helpful for me who have yet
    to step my foot in the industry, but I will definitely continue hustling. 

  • guardianDogg Reply

    Great advice. Thanks.

  • Oomeysh kz Reply

    THANKS MIKE and merry xmas 2 u

  • Rodri El Gavilan Reply

    Happy holidays brother 

  • GieniuMen Reply

    Merry christmas Michael, and a lot of success in comming year :D

  • Adel Raouti Reply

  • Friedrich Salzmann Reply

    Thanks for a year with helpful tips. Have a great year 2014!

  • Jason Miller Reply

    Thanks for all of your videos Mike. I’ve watched you for years and even
    sent you a few emails which you’ve generously taken the time to reply. I
    wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Looking
    forward to watching more of your videos in 2014.

  • Masster Gunnz Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays! 

  • dportis47 Reply

    You’re awesome Mike! Have a happy new year! 

  • Ömer Tüfenk Reply

    Thanks, great advice as always. Keep up the good work! 

  • Dreighen Reply

    I am all of those people woot! You da man Mike, it is because of you that I
    have chosen a specific path my brother! Much love!

  • Bob Magstadt Reply

    I want to thank you Mike for sharing your knowledge and skills on web
    design. You’ve given me the skills to become a better designer which has
    helped me grow and improve my business. Can’t thank you enough. Happy
    Holidays and I look forward to following you in 2014. 

  • Vojtěch Mareš Reply

    Thank you Mike!

  • Damion James Reply

    Always gives great advice.

  • Tom Nguyen Reply

    Great advice, Mike. I look forward to the new Photoshop Tutorials. 

  • E Herrera Reply

    Thank you for the teaching. You have an educators heart and for this you
    will continue to be blessed. :-) You are a virtual good giver!

  • essiebejb Reply

    Found your channel browsing youtube and since then I’ve watched a handful
    of your videos. great advice and really inspiring!

  • Mariana Gomes Reply

    precisamos de alguém que passe essas informações para nós em português!!

  • DevTips Reply

    Subscribed, Mike these videos are awesome. I love people who put thought
    into our industry. Keep it up!

  • WorkMode Reply

    Mike! I love your videos! You are the best!

  • prakash saini Reply

    Thank you, sir.

  • Leandro Lujan Reply

    Thanks Man! Your videos are realy usfuly! Thanks from Argentina!

  • hibari kyoka Reply

    hey Mike i am a beginner in web design can you give me advise where to
    start i mean what tools should i use as a beginner and what best practices
    should i do to be a good web designer? thanks man! 

  • Nii Adjetey Reply

    +Samuel Obeng 

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