Vine influencer outreach tips (DGS4 Recap)

Vine influencer outreach tips (DGS4 Recap)

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Vine influencer outreach tips
If a brand wants a Viner to share their content, what is the best way to reach out to an influencer?
Many brands reach out with content that they want us to promote, which works against letting creators actually create. So, I would recommend that brands approach Viners with broad concepts, and allow the creators run with their own creative influence on the campaign. – Brendon McNerney

I agree that many brands approach us with content, because they know their products better than anyone. However, no one knows our audiences as well as we do, so meeting in the middle is usually the best option. – J.Cyrus

When brands insist that I follow exactly what they create, and it is not in keeping with my brand, I decline, because I do not want to be diluted with content that my followers will not appreciate. When the brand is more open minded, the campaign is more successful in terms of more views and staying power because although it may be an ad, it is a tolerable ad. – J.Cyrus

These brands such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, Sprite and Old Navy who participate in influencer marketing are seeing more followers and more happy followers, and happier sentiments. – Jesse Leimgruber

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