Video Tutorial: Marketing Your Franchise or Multi-Location Business

Video Tutorial: Marketing Your Franchise or Multi-Location Business

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It can be a daunting task to think about marketing your business for your headquarters or initial business location, but when you start thinking about franchising or adding in new locations in additional cities, your marketing strategy needs to keep in mind additional considerations!

What do you need to think about now that you’re going after completely different markets? How are your customers in one place different from those in another? How can you build a community in multiple places and ensure that your brand remains consistent?
There are a few important things you should consider to avoid common mistakes when it comes to marketing your franchise or other business locations.

1:16 Not Having Separate Subdomains / Subdirectories / Landing Pages
1:54 Being Afraid to be Unique
2:38 Forgetting About Your Customer’s Differences
3:08 Not Nurturing Your Leads
3:55 Ignoring Reviews
4:40 Summary

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