Video Genius Robert Syslo Jr Joins Us On Better Marketing Mondays

Video Genius Robert Syslo Jr Joins Us On Better Marketing Mondays

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Grant Cardone TV Video Genius, Robert Syslo Jr shares how he went from being homeless, broke and living outside the U.S with no money to landing the job with Grant Cardone and the last 4 years of his career as the Video Genius.

Syslo Jr. has a great practical approach great for any entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, trainer, coach, healer or mentor.
Digital media is the fastest path to “omni-presence” the time to take action is no, so get started learning each action step by watching LIVE with us each week at

Now is your chance to learn some amazing video marketing strategies that can propel your reach and exposure online, and 10x your ability to make more sales in your business with these online marketing tips.

Get ready for this action packed episode of pure MARKETING Gold!
Anthony Franck is your host with special guest Robert Syslo Jr., Video Genius live all the way from Miami, Florida…

We broadcast connecting our listeners from around the globe with the smartest marketing minds on the planet. I am so happy to be able to share that with you here now:

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Special thank you to the Video Genius from Grant Cardone TV, Robert Syslo Jr. shared some fantastic online marketing tips.
It was a pleasure having you on the show for Season #2 of Better Marketing Mondays

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