Video Blogging Tips: Gratitude Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama

Video Blogging Tips: Gratitude Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama

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Video Blogging Tips: Gratitude Say Thank You To Your Audience

About The Media Mama Collective OK, we get it . . .You are overwhelmed by the changes and growth of the online world. You want people to find your business in the chaos of the World Wide Web. You want a website that will get traffic. You want to be with “IT” and use blogs, YouTube and social media, but it’s just not your area of expertise.

That’s where we come in…

A Little More About Us
The Media Mama is a hybrid media management company that is part old school PR and part super Hi tech. Founded by Joelle Norwood, The Media Mama is an online business designed to help entrepreneurs understand that everyone is now a broadcaster, a publisher, and to help them take advantage of the revolution that is Web 2.0.

The Media Mama team works with businesses and entrepreneurs just like yourself to create a content rich online presence that will get you noticed– boosting your credibility, and not only generating leads, but creating conversions! We are experienced producers and broadcasters with the knowledge and creativity to produce engaging digital content for TV, web, social and mobile platforms. We get your information out to your whole tribe and to those you don’t know about your brilliance- YET! We pull out all the stops relying on both traditional media sources AND social media outlets including YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more, whatever works best for your brand. And guess what? We also use old school techniques like picking up the phone and getting together in person with top editors, producers, Klout bloggers, and industry movers & shakers ~ imagine that! We help you get found online and get results.

The Media Mama offers Integrated Internet Marketing Services. Think of the Team at The Media Mama as is the marketing department you wish you had in-house. We are your marketing and branding partners. Sometimes we think ourselves as your branding *doulas”. We start every project by really getting to know you and your current business. Through a series of conversations and on and off site workshops, we go deep and find who you are and how we can help your branding and marketing efforts. Then we put on our thinking caps and get to work.

We love what we do and are always happy to discuss the best marketing strategies for your brand. Tick Tock. What are you waiting for? If you want to connect to your community, it’s time to join the new norm.

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