“Vidcon 2012” – 05/28/12

“Vidcon 2012” – 05/28/12

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Please watch: “How to Grow Any Page: The Three C’s – Digital Marketing Tips”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1c8IikiLZQ

So 😀 WOW. Well idk if im going to be able to go to vidcon, well Maria & Nia have decided they are gonna do a get swifty to vidcon fundraiser lol. n_n wow pretty awesome, makes me feel like a butthole lol D; BUT pretty awesome! :)

Swifty Vidcon Fundraiser: http://www.swifty2vidcon.wix.com/swifty#!home/mainPage
Maria: https://twitter.com/#!/MariaRawrz
Nia: https://twitter.com/#!/thatniachick

Watch Me Die alot at Gaimz! 😀 yay o.0 lol

Things you could do if you wantttt :3
twitta meh: http://www.twitter.com/swiftkaratechop
gmail meh: askswifty@gmail.com
facebook ah: http://www.facebook.com/matthewbrianbrown

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