Using Joel Comm’s Twitter Marketing Tips to Grow Your Audience

Using Joel Comm’s Twitter Marketing Tips to Grow Your Audience

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In this episode of the Entrepreneur Ignited podcast, we get to hear Derek Gehl interview Joel Comm, who has been online for 35 years, that is since he was just 16. He has written 12 hard copy books and more than 40 digital ebooks including special reports. And he had just finished 2 more books on Twitter. Following his books on Twitter, Joel shares with us about how to market on Twitter, giving us actionable and handy Twitter marketing tips, as well as how to use Twitter effectively. Tune in to this podcast episode and learn from this expert and authority on Twitter.

When Joel launched his website way back in 1995, there were only 18,000 websites that year. Today Joel is a successful online entrepreneur who is now hot into video streaming online. Hear him talk about this and how it compares to podcasting, and goes far more than stuff like Periscope and Meerkat. He also talks about how Google Hangouts is going to a futile end, wasting away, while BlabIM is taking the hot seat. BlabIM is a a platform, that anybody with a microphone and camera can set this up. And this is something you can watch on your phone.

Joel then talks about what Twitter is and why use Twitter for marketing. He reminds us that ultimately it is really not about the platform but we should be in the business of giving our services to people. Like many platforms, we need to know how to use Twitter effectively and so to approach Twitter with a relationship-oriented mindset. He shares how we not only begin conversations but how we can bring value to our conversations on Twitter. Because in the end, it is all about like-know-trust, and then people will pay you and start to do business with you. So we are always interacting with real life people, with human beings.

Listen to more Twitter marketing tips as Joel talks about engagement strategies and how it is works to be authentic when relating to people and being in conversations. Then for companies, rather than putting up a logo, it is more real to put up a face or a person-because people like to relate to people, and not logos. There should be a personality behind the company or that represents the company. This is also one of the ways of how to use Twitter effectively.

Then hear Joel share the tools that you can use to effectively schedule your tweets. But the strategy is that these should not be just one way interaction. We need to keep track and engage like replying back, retweet or favourite the tweet. Then towards the end of this episode, Joel talks about using photos and pictures, and sharing more Twitter marketing tips on how to effectively use pictures and photos.

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