Updates in Social Media! | Coffee Corner 017 | Video Marketing Insights

Updates in Social Media! | Coffee Corner 017 | Video Marketing Insights

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Welcome to Coffee Corner – Video Marketing Insights.

– Facebook add’s GIF’s to Polls
– Instagram now autoplays video with sound once the sound has been enabled
– Tips and tricks on how to take your social media marketing videos to the next level

On every episode of Coffee Corner, Jordan will give you a Bi-Weekly updates on the latest and greatest video marketing topics & trends, showcase cool companies utilising video, and end with some tangible tips and tricks.

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Jordan and her team of video strategist are dedicated to all thing Video Marketing. With an ever changing digital landscape, they wanted to stay up-to-date and thought why not share this with the rest of the world with a weekly video blog. That was how Coffee Corner was born. Since then they have created different types of content all focused on that same things: VIDEO STRATEGY EDUCATION.
On this channel you will find answer to common video strategy questions, weekly updates and event wrap ups!

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Ephemeral Video Marketing! Huh? Watch and find out:

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Create Custom Thumbnails that lead to higher click through rates:

The 3H’s to video success:

Get personal with video:

10 Facebook video super hacks:

The ideal video length:

Video as a Sales tool:

Pick your channels: where to share your video:

7 VidCon Takeaways:

State of Video Marketing 2017:

Facebook Insights:

Youtube Advertising:

How to start with video:

How to use video in email:

Start measuring the right KPIs for video:

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