Unidev   2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Unidev 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

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http://www.unidev.com/ – In 2016 it’s all about digital storytelling, social media, search, marketing automation, and big data. Learn more about these from Unidev’s Digital Marketing Account Manager and find ways that you can win in these respective areas. Have questions or comments? Share them below. You can also follow Ivan Temelkov on Twitter @ivan_temelkov to continue the discussion.

There are 5 digital marketing trends to pay attention to in 2016:
1. Digital Storytelling – entails blogging, content, and building authority in the marketplace.
2. Social Media – along with the social media you’re already aware of there are a couple of other platforms to pay attention to, Snapchat and Anchor, which is still fairly new.
3. Search – Including SEO and PPC. SEO is like running a marathon and PPC is like running a sprint. You need good companionship of both of them. Don’t forget mobile optimization! 67% of consumers are inclined to purchase a product or a service on a mobile friendly website.
4. Marketing Automation – this will help you be more effective in your marketing endeavors. Platforms such as Marketo, HupSpot and Power Business Intelligence, (Power BI) by Microsoft.
5. Big Data – which will help you create smart business decisions and better understand the behavior of your customers.

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