UI Design Tips, Advice and Inspiration

UI Design Tips, Advice and Inspiration

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I share some advice on how to grow as a UI designer and learn from popular resources on the web.


  • deontaer Reply

    Your videos have been more informative and educational then even my design
    classes. The tips you provide are invaluable. Thank you!

  • Asif Ashraf Reply

    @bunnyannihilator89 What kind of design part in a database? well i was

  • TheWisdomGuy Reply

    Sweet tip, thanks alot !

  • Marcopolo Villas Reply

    Do you have to know coding? or can you just be the designer for a UX and
    write down the Ideas of how it would function. Im pretty much saying can I
    stay as a graphic designer and still design and think as a UX and IX

  • BlackEliteStudio Reply

    are Fireworkd and photoshop similar ? Wich is the best if not ?

  • Fauzi Muhammad Danartha Reply

    thanks so much it’s useful for me :)

  • MangostinoSabroso Reply

    Wow man! you.. you ROCK! THANKS man so MUCH!

  • Marcin Czech Reply

    Thank you very usefull info! always put a small video even a small tip will


  • Elf Divinxi Reply

    I really love your tutorial. Thanks to you, now I have found someone who
    really have knowledge of what I want to do. 

  • Antjuan LaShawn Reply

    Great information. I have been a graphic designer for some time now and
    have been slowly learning more about UI/UX design and am really looking
    forward to learning more. Thank you for posting. 

  • Stephanie M Reply

    you are the greatest thanks mike

  • Dana DD Reply

    Thanks Mike. Great tips! Love your tutorials.

  • Aires A Reply

    Thank you!!!

  • Viktoria Springs Reply

  • Nelson Lim Reply

  • jackendy cherenfant Reply

    Can you make video about – interaction design, often abbreviated IxD?
    thank you.

  • AL- Imran Reply

    Thanks Mike. Great tips..

  • pastuh Reply

    Just copy paste 😀

    im actualy doing something similar..
    Surf websites, copy interesting page parts and just later use everything in

  • milind sonpal Reply

    Loved your video, really helpful.
    Thank you so much :)

  • Dawn R Stahl Reply

    Great thinking mike locke 


    20 Secs in and my first impressions are “OMG that website is GORGEOUS!!”

  • 71dhwand Reply

    Hey Mike I just created a nice contact page in Fireworks. How do I make it
    usable for the web in Dreamweaver ?

  • CaressasPassion Reply

    NOW I have a better understanding with what UI is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
    thought it was web design!

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