Twitter 2016 – 9.Marketing Tips

Twitter 2016 – 9.Marketing Tips

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Businesses of all sizes use Twitter. Companies like Apple and Virgin America can reach hundreds of thousands of followers in a single tweet. Small businesses, like food trucks and florists, use Twitter to help new customers find them for the first time. Whatever your business’s size or goals, using Twitter strategically takes planning, creativity, and continued optimization. Join marketing expert Brad Bate sole in this course, as he explains how to jumpstart a Twitter account for your business.
Learn how to create a great username and profile, define your brand personality, and begin tweeting. Discover how to use Twitter to generate leads and track the impact of each tweet so you can determine what’s working and what’s not. Find out how to integrate Twitter into your website, create an advertising account, and measure the results of promoted tweets and accounts.
Need help managing your Twitter efforts? Learn the best tools for monitoring your feed and scheduling tweets. Plus, get tips for extending special offers on Twitter and tracking your results with Google Analytics.
Topics include:
– Signing up for Twitter
– Choosing a username
– Building brand presences with an effective profile, photos, and bio
– Following others
– Exploring hashtags
– Crafting great tweets
– Adding photos and video to tweets
– Scheduling tweets
– Searching for potential clients
– Retweeting
– Advertising on Twitter
– Using third-party Twitter-management tools
– Creating compelling offers
– Tracking Twitter via Google Analytics
**9.Marketing Tips
01. Crafting exciting content – 00:00:07
02. Creating compelling offers – 00:02:52
03. Tracking Twitter via Google Analytics – 00:05:16
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