Try this Data Mining Tip for Increased Social Engagement

Try this Data Mining Tip for Increased Social Engagement

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Fanatics Media
Irina Jordan on the importance data context.

Data is important but data without context is meaningless.
Social listening competency matters as people are pouring their hearts to you. Social listening in its purest form doesn’t assume anything – it’s an opportunity to answer questions that you don’t even know you should ask. It helps you decipher what signals to take in, which are being amplified in the popular culture, and which need responses from your brand.

Respond to fans and detractors. “Hug your haters” as Jay Baer says, “Haters are not your problem; ignoring them is.”

Instead of starting yet another dashboard, start sending a company-wide email about what people are sharing about your company – positive and negative. This is how you add context to your data.

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