Top 5 Tips: How to avoid the SPAM Box (Folder) – Email Marketing Decoded (HD)

Top 5 Tips: How to avoid the SPAM Box (Folder) – Email Marketing Decoded (HD)

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Abhishek from Team shares 5 important tips on how to avoid the spam folder when sending out your next email marketing campaign and hence increase your CTR plus marketing ROI.

At, we are constantly trying to find ways to share our expertise in email and digital marketing with other marketers, professionals and individuals who might have an interest in the field. These videos are a step in that direction. For more such video please subscribe to this channel and for other resources like case studies and research reports, just visit and check out the resources section.

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We believe that with the right tools and know how, any marketing campaign or project can get exceptional results and be a success. So, we offer capable software and technological solutions to fit all needs including an option to deploy onsite or online or a combination of both. Unprecedented flexibility with unmatched marketing ROI.

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