Top 10 YouTube SEO Myths [Creators Tip #129]

Top 10 YouTube SEO Myths [Creators Tip #129]

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Not every YouTube SEO tip and strategy you read out there is valid. In fact, there’s some very prevalent video SEO tactics that are actually false. Following them usually won’t hurt anything, but you also won’t see the benefits you’re hoping to reap. Here are the top 10 YouTube SEO myths that actually don’t help increase your videos’ rankings in search results.





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  • John Wilkerson Reply

    +Tim Schmoyer lays down the truth about SEO tricks on YouTube.

  • Mikey Borup Reply

    Bottom line, YouTube is a business. Any video that helps YouTube to make
    more money (getting people to youtube, and having them stay here) will be
    rewarded with increased rankings. Also, one thing that was not mentioned
    in this video was page rank and link juice (traditional SEO mumbo jumbo)
    how do you think that all plays in?

  • Seth Williams Reply

    This was an extremely helpful video. Thanks!

  • MyKoreanHusband Reply

    This is excellent! Thank you for explaining it all.

  • Chad Wild Clay Reply

    I highly encourage +YouTube to put more SEO weight on “Average View
    Duration %” than “Total Watch Time”. Doing so will:

    1) Promote engaging content (long & short) over simply long content. As a
    viewer, I’d rather be given an amazing 2 minute video that holds my
    attention the entire 2 minutes THAN be given a 10 minute video that is
    boring enough to make me leave at the 3 minute mark.

    2) Promote quality over popularity. Example: Imagine PewDiePie releases a
    video called “Top 10 YouTube SEO Myths” that is so bad every viewer leaves
    at 30 seconds. The video will still easily receive 500,000 minutes of watch
    time due to his popularity. Now imagine RealSEO’s video of the same name is
    the greatest video ever made on the topic and receives 100% retention. It
    will likely receive less than 50,000 minutes of watch time. YouTube should
    not consider PewDiePie’s video to be 10 times better than RealSEO’s video.

    3) Promote accurate thumbnails. A misleading thumbnail can increase a
    videos “Total Watch Time” but it will hinder it’s “Average View Duration
    %”. Don’t reward misleading thumbnails that increase total watch time.

    4) Promote longer viewing sessions across all of YouTube. If I watch 5
    videos (say each 2-minutes in length) which retain my attention the entire
    length of each video (10 minutes of watch time), I’m going to say “wow,
    every video I watch is really good! I want to watch more YouTube videos!”
    Instead, if I watch 5 videos (say each 6-minutes in length) but I leave
    halfway through each video, even though I’ve generated a 50% higher total
    watch time (15 minutes), I’m going to say “I’m getting bored halfway
    through every video I watch” and will leave YouTube.

    5)…I can keep going but I suspect my “Average View Duration %” on this
    comment is getting pretty low at this point…. ;)

  • Video DSLR Tutorial Reply

    My question: Is it about the actual watch time or the percentage watched?
    Example 1:
    Video length: 10 minutes, average watch time 2 Minutes. 20% average.

    Example 2:
    Video length 2 minutes, averange watch time: 1:30 75% average

    What is better for the Ranking?

  • Wade Harman Reply

    Nice set of tips from +ReelSEO about YouTube SEO and some myths that are
    floating around that have no affect on the rankings.

  • Diana Micca Reply

    Nice set of tips from +ReelSEO about YouTube SEO and some myths that are
    floating around that have no affect on the rankings.

  • Dana Lorton Reply

    Nice set of tips from +ReelSEO about YouTube SEO and some myths that are
    floating around that have no affect on the rankings.

  • CrashPower Reply

    That’s allot of number 7’s LOL Anyway, good video as always

  • Digital Direct SA Reply

    Top 10 YouTube SEO Myths [Creators Tip #129]

  • Audiobooks on YouTube Reply

    Tim, thank you very much for this video!
    But, please tell me: is all this true a year later, i.e. January 2015?

  • Round2GamingChannel Reply

    I’m fairly new to this, so apologies for the question: but I keep hearing
    about the importance of view time. The amount of time a user spends
    watching your video overall is important. Is this based off of IP
    address/login? If I had unlimited time (and patience) would continuously
    rewatching my videos on the same computer boost my ranking? 

  • Mateo San Reply

    I dislike very much the myth about the filename, it just doesn’t make
    sense. One could make an argument for others like for “likes” or “embeds”,
    but the filename just doesn’t make sense. I mean people creating this
    algorithms for Google/Youtube are smart people, can you really picture them
    thinking “mmh, let’s give a preference to people who decided to type a
    title on the filename”. It just doesn’t make sense and it’s completely
    random. That is what the video title is for, you can manipulate both the
    only difference is the video title is actually public and you will get
    backlash for lying on it. Why would Google care for what you named your

  • Rajat Gaur Reply

    What about longer videos do better than shorter one ? Is that also a myth ?

  • A Plastic Bag Reply

    #.7 Even though you said “Number 9”, I would love to hear your thoughts why
    my “Peter Griffin Plays CSGO” video has only 2500 views on my small channel
    of 500 subs. But on my big channel of 7k subs with a nonactive low value
    subscriber base has almost 20,000k views ?

  • antelligentdesigns Reply

    What if the video is only 2 minutes long and the viewer watched 75% of the
    video. .its that still good? Basically what I am asking is it the same
    situation as someone watching 75% of a 10 minute video?

  • Kratos Aurion Plays Reply

    7:52 I like how there was a bunch of myths designated as #7 XD

    Thanks for sharing these myths. I felt like I gained a little more from

  • Cameron Ratcliff Reply

    Your helping me get rich advertising my stuff!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Vlog Epicness Reply

    How many minutes should a video be? If it is too long do you run the risk
    of a lower watch timer percentage for people who click or move on?

  • Audiobooks on YouTube Reply

    A little question:

    Hypothetical scenario: Video 2 hours long uploaded say 3 months ago,
    accumulated very little watch time. After 3 months of sitting on YouTube
    without watch time suddenly 100 users in the same day view the full video.
    That’s 100*120 minutes = 12000 minutes.
    In one day an old video gets 12.3 days of watch time. How will it effect
    the ranking of a video?

  • Tarot Reader ASMR Reply

    That last piece of advice was extremely insightful. Too many people are
    trying to ‘hack the system’ and they forget that they should be providing
    valuable service to people. Good point!

  • Seminko Reply

    Hey man, I’m planning on making puzzle videos. Let’s say half of the videos
    will be actual content and the other half will be a timer to allow people
    to find the solution. I will have a “button” to skip to the end of the
    video to check the solution. So let’s say the video will have 3 minutes but
    ppl will only watch the first minute. then skip and watch the last 30s. So
    the majority of ppl will only watch 50% of the entire lenght of my videos.
    Is the ratio taken into account? Thx

  • Best Laptops 2015 Reply

    i m just confused, should we create links to video with http or https, i
    also listened from one Video seo expert, he mentioned in his course that
    both type of linking are ok, i m confused which one is best for video
    ranking or should we create links with both versions.

  • Oai Da Reply

    is all this true to 2015 as well ?

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