Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips

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Chris Perks, Digital Marketing Consultant.
Keynote Speaker at metnet conference – Thursday 14th November 2013

As one of the UK’s most sort after speakers Chris is a leading name in digital marketing. His knowledge of the digital marketing world enables him to not only help his clients navigate the digital marketing minefields but he also blows the whistle on the hype surrounding his industry.

metnet is a business network that promotes collaborative working among businesses that provide products or services within the environmental technologies sector in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire. Any businesses that provide products or services in relation to the following are part of the region’s ET sector:

Air Pollution Control
Contaminated Land Remediation
Energy Management
Environmental Consultancy Services
Environmental Monitoring, Instrumentation and Analysis
Marine Pollution
Noise and Vibration Control
Renewable and Low Carbon Energy
Waste Management, Recovery and Recycling
Waste and Wastewater Treatment
Cleaner Technologies and Processes.


  • Phil Beardmore Reply

    Very thought provoking!

  • RedheadBusinessFilms Reply

    Chris clearly know’s his stuff when it comes to digital media, and he’s a
    captivating presenter. I filmed and edited this video and I learned loads
    by listening to it a few times, thanks Chris. I’m always talking to clients
    about how the content of video/a good script is key to it’s success, people
    love great advice and hints and tips/how it works videos, are so effective.

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