Tips to Help You Reach Your Web Design Goals for 2013

Tips to Help You Reach Your Web Design Goals for 2013

Posted by on / 25 Comments – In this video I share some tips and advice on reaching your web design goals for 2013.


  • NeyzenAngela Reply

    I love your advice everything is trial and error. I took it as don’t be
    afraid to make mistakes. Computer science is very accuracy oriented. To be
    given permission to make mistakes is so relieving.

  • Dhruvang Bhatt Reply

    Mike… you are awesome.. every time i feels exactly like asjon09… Thanks
    from all of us.. 😉

  • James Herd Reply

    God bless you and your family Mike, you are my inspiration! I have spent
    many hours watching your videos since discovering your channel the other
    day, just wanted to say Thank You for all the Wonderful advice!

  • Chrysti Tovani Reply

    I’m so glad you make these videos! I watch all of them and find your advice
    helpful because web design is complicated and it does get overwhelming at
    times trying to keep up. Facebook is very distracting for me too. When I’m
    working on anything I have to have the browser closed but I do check it too
    much. LOL!

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Thanks James, the kind words is much appreciated. Blessing to you and yours.

  • Mike Locke Reply

    You’re welcome.

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Ha ha….funny, but anything that involves potentially improving your life
    professionally or spiritually, I wouldn’t consider that wasting time.
    That’s productive.

  • Mike Locke Reply

    You’re welcome.

  • Mike Locke Reply

    You’re welcome. Much appreciated.

  • twenty1aboutdis Reply

    Good to see you back Mike!

  • Subrahmanyam Isukapalli Reply

    Thanks Mike, Your advice’s are very helpful.

  • Saqib Irfan Reply

    Buddy, I have a question. Do we consider youtube a semi social media as
    there are posts to your comments which you response back to? I trust &
    agree with social media comment, I am not FB member myself, for similar
    reasons however some days I do think if I was on FB I would’ve learned how
    to market on that portal too…comments?

  • Anatipos tipos Reply

    Also what is your opinion about the joomla and wordpress to make a web site
    ( they tell that these cms makes dynamic sites not static )

  • Anticio Duke Reply

    I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE… Thanks a million!

  • Stephen Looney Reply

    Nice…..Investing your time in better places….well said!!

  • Jack Lee Reply

    mike, thanks for putting out this video, you rock

  • Redha Munandar Reply

    if someone build a website, which come first design or programming ?

  • ArtKrishnamurti Reply

    check out sublime text 2, my fav. If you’re on a Mac then I think Coda is
    great also.

  • Terhile Ikyo Reply

    Truly Mike, you’re the best . I am continents far but you feel close. So
    glad you can keep your family together, thats such an inspiration to me.
    Thanks and God bless and keep you.

  • cannylikedesign Reply

    i feel like ive just learned more watching a few of your videos than I have
    studying a foundation degree in web design since september.

  • Bezarama Reply

    Great advice!

  • Vikram Adhikari Reply

    Hi Mike, Thanks for important tips.

  • Sunnyvale SEO Reply

    more young people need to hear your message, your right time is ticking.

  • Adelaide SEO Reply

    Thanks for the amazing tips for web design. 

  • Larrys mlmtips Reply

    Very good video recording! I enjoy conducting Website seo and I believe all
    enterprises really should use this great process! I also like carrying out
    a bit of Website Design as well, but SEO is my desire. Keep these video
    tutorials coming!

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