Tips on How to Retaining Digital Marketing Clients

Tips on How to Retaining Digital Marketing Clients

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Retaining clients is as important, if not more important, than acquiring new customers. Marketing agencies need to be proactive from day one to establish trust with their clients. Performance is important but is not everything. Performance and trust, instead, will get you a long way.

There are many ways to retain customers and I decided to focus on the four ones that can be applied by any agency:

1. Use all types of remarketing campaigns: search, display, social, video, and third party platforms. Sending ideas to your clients is a great tool too
2. KISS: Keep it Simple and Stupid. Keep your processes as easy as possible and do not over-complicate strategies. It is better to have something simple but effective than something complex but that produces little results
3. Run competitive analysis and inform clients how they are positioned compared to the competition. Recommend actions on how to rank better than them through the use of smart marketing strategies
4. Focus on the right metrics and optimize them. Report your progress constantly and keep the client updated on how your changes affect performance

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