Tips and Tricks to Make Your Email Marketing Program Thrive

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Email Marketing Program Thrive

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This presentation was delivered at IBM Amplify 2016 in Tampa, Florida.

Trying to figure out how to engage more consumers with your valuable content? This is the place. Learn how to build an email marketing program by blending hard-sell messages with memorable newsletter content teeming with helpful tips, informative blurbs, and just a dash of fun Become a master at developing trigger emails, automated happy birthday messages, and more, and you’ll create your own special recipe for attracting an engaged—and loyal—subscriber base.

Attendees will learn tips and tricks for building a successful email marketing program to take back and customize for their own audiences. There are numerous nuances used by experts in regard to intriguing subject lines, irresistible calls-to-action, and appealing design. Attendees will learn tips to effectively create email campaigns to delight recipients into converting.

About the presenter:

Brian Weed loves being a digital marketing strategist at CHI Health, based in Omaha, Nebraska. His passion lies in creating amazing online experiences. His expertise in developing compelling web content, crowd-pleasing email marketing, and break-through social media has thus far centered on the health care and academic spaces. As of late, he’s on a mission to transform his organization’s digital automation and email marketing programs to result in increased consumer engagement. Ever enthusiastic about helping others understand how to excel, Brian also teaches college communications classes. Brian holds a bachelor of arts in communication as well as a master of arts in business management.

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