Tips 4 Building Ur Business

Tips 4 Building Ur Business

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Welcome to Build.Brand.Marketing this is a follow up segment to the live stream on Periscope same topic, tips for building your business and as a Marketing Sales Digital Marketing Consultant why not put it into action and show how live stream and video benefit your business. Did you know 80% internet users own a smartphone? That means at anytime within arms reach a target audience or potential customer can find information so why not use live stream or video to attract, build awareness and connect in real time or visual way. Some ideas can be use stream/video an event, a Q&A and and address a concern, demo a product, announce a new product or be a training. Word-of-mouth still #1 influencer for a business why not tell a story to connect emotional, get to know you, like you and build trust. With all the technology, remember there are still people behind the devices to engage and build the connection. Be interested in your best practices. Drop me a line on questions or comments, like to help you out.

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